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From Portugal to Scotland for artists, Lita and Martine

Hailing from Portugal and now living in Edinburgh, Lita Oliveira and Martine Teresa are designers taking the jewellery world by storm through The Scottish Design Exchange, here at Buchanan Galleries.

While Lita creates unique, affordable jewellery and accessories using resin products from eco-friendly materials, Martine is building a reputation for her imaginative use of cork (described now as the new leather).

From handbags to purses, Martine creates pieces that ethical consumers crave, and because her cork is sourced in Portugal, she is making an economic contribution to both Scotland and to her Portuguese homeland – something that gives her a great deal of personal pride.

Whilst busy crafting their unique designs, their jewellery didn’t always garner much attention, however after being introduced to the Scottish Design Exchange, things really started to take off for the pair.

“We were struggling to make a living from our jewellery, says Lita, ‘market after market, stall holder rivalries, high rents, low returns. It was tough and although we had our moments, it was only when we were introduced to Lynzi at the Scottish Design Exchange that things really started for us as artists.”

To learn more of the duos story visit the Scottish Design Exchange website or drop by the store located on the first floor within Buchanan Galleries, where their work is available to buy, alongside a whole host of other independent artists and designers.

Who knows you may well bump into them during one of their forays into the shop.