Porsche Life - the Pop-up Porsche Experience

Porsche Pop-up Experience

Experience the 'Porsche Life' this summer at the luxury marque's pop-up showroom in Buchanan Galleries.

Designed as a relaxing and informal environment, key elements of what makes a Porsche a Porsche are available for visitors to interact with inside the ‘Pop Up Experience’. This includes an exploration of the ‘Sound of Porsche’, gesture control screens that open up the world of Porsche, and various opportunities to get closer to the unique character of the company and its cars.

Created and managed by Porsche Cars GB, the Buchanan Galleries Pop Up Experience is hosted by colleagues from Porsche Centre Glasgow.

“Porsche Life offers every visitor the opportunity to explore first-hand the stories and legends that underpin the Porsche brand,” said Ragnar Schulte, General Manager, Marketing, Porsche Cars GB. “Whether looking into the Porsche future or admiring today’s iconic sports cars, the blend of a bespoke, innovative environment offering digital interactivity is designed so guests of all ages, fans, enthusiasts and customers, can feel welcome to have a chat over coffee.”

Kathy Murdoch, Centre Manager at Buchanan Galleries, added: “We’re delighted to welcome Porsche to Buchanan Galleries. The premium marque's stunning pop-up showroom offers a unique, interactive experience which I’m sure will prove very popular with our customers.”

The must see pop-up shop is open until Saturday 20 August.