Latin American and Italian Must-Tries

Welcoming Papa Julios and Panzerotti & Pastas to Buchanan Galleries!

Julio Horvath, native from Venezuela, moved to Glasgow in 2016. With the aim of sharing his passion and enthusiasm for food, such as Latin American and Italian cuisine, he created Papa Julio´s and Panzerotti and Pastas in 2018. Glasgow has now become his second home, a brilliant, multicultural and exciting city, that has given him the opportunity to introduce new delicious flavors from the Caribbean and beyond.

Papa Julio's offers tasty Latin American Street Food made fresh. Their specialty is the arepa which is made of pre-cooked cornmeal flour and is gluten free. They can be stuffed with pulled pork, pulled beef, chicken-mayo and avocado, thai-chicken, cheese, etc. Also on offer are popular tequeños which are Venezuelan mozzarella sticks. And, for a sweet treat, there's the yummy chocolate tequeños. Enjoy a real food experience and transport yourself to the Caribbean.

Panzerotti and Pastas offers taste-bud-tantalising Italian Street Food made fresh. Their specialty is the panzerotto (fried calzone). The classic panzerotto is stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and basil, you can have the classic panzerotto with salsiccia or salami. There's also a range of pastas from bolognese and chicken pesto, to classic lasagna. There's also a very popular Mac 'n' Cheese and scrumptious deep fried Mac 'n' Cheese bites! 

Papa Julio's and Panzerotti and Pastas produce hygienic fresh food because our clients are our priority.

Enjoy grab and go or sit-in on level 2 today!