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Introducing NEW Thorntons Pearls

Almost a century of British chocolate-making passion has been distilled into each Thorntons Pearl for you to enjoy.

Beneath a smooth layer of milk chocolate, you’ll find one of two exquisite flavours, Salted Caramel or Nutty Crunch. Every bite through the carefully crafted shell reveals a rich, creamy centre with a delightful combination of tastes and textures, bringing a distinctive sensation to the taste buds.

Thorntons Nutty Crunch Pearls

Made with the finest quality roasted hazelnuts and enriched with crispy wafer pieces, Nutty Crunch Pearls unveil a decadent praline centre with a delightfully surprising taste & texture combination.

Thorntons Salted Caramel Pearls

With rich and gooey caramel covered in smooth milk chocolate, and delicately flavoured with a hint of sea salt, Salted Caramel Pearls are sure to provide a surprising taste of opulence with each mouthful.

Our focus is on sharing

There’s nothing better than spending time with those closest to us and sharing special treats. Whether you are planning the ultimate night in, or looking to treat a loved one, Thorntons Pearls will add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

Each Thorntons Pearl has been beautifully wrapped, making them perfect for sharing. Whatever the occasion, Thorntons Pearls are a delightfully luxurious way to treat yourself and those closest to you.