Home Trends: the #shelfie

John Lewis Shelfie

Home Trends: the #shelfie

More than just a craze the #shelfie on instagram has gone from a little bit of pun fun to the must-show-to-everyone-online interior design trend. The idea is simple for those not in the know - pick your favourite items and organise them in perfect array on a shelf. Whether it be in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere, get the lighting just right and snap a photo to share with the rest of the instagram world. And shelves are no longer just for books you know - the most fashionable shelfie accessories include plants, pictures and unusual knick-knacks.

The trend is having a real effect retailers - with John Lewis reporting an +11% increase in sales of bookcases so far this summer. So we've picked our favourite trendy ledges, the coolest counters and delightful in-vogue units that will help create the perfect setting for your #shelfie

#shelfie by John Lewis

Vintage Style Shelves £599 | Dark Angled Shelves £450 | Thin Shelf Rack £299 | Wooden Wide Shelf Unit £799