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Accessibility Services

Access & Mobility Facilities

Here at Buchanan Galleries we aim to ensure that all guests can enjoy a great day out without any difficulty.

The Centre is conveniently located close to Buchanan Street Bus Station, Queen Street train station and Buchanan Subway; and there is step-free access to the centre via our Sauchiehall Street entrance.

Our car park has 68 disabled parking spaces which are conveniently located close to the entrance lobbies on car park levels 2 – 5.

There are lifts throughout the centre providing access to the different levels and we have disabled toilets in three locations – one on the second floor next to the baby change and toilets, one on the first floor next to the link bridge, and another directly beneath on the ground floor.

We also have manual wheelchairs available for use within the centre, which can be collected from our Information Desk on the first floor, or from our Car Park Control Room on level 2 of the car park.

Supporting Autism Friendly Service

Buchanan Galleries is committed to delivering a more inclusive retail experience for all our guests and tackling some of the barriers faced by people with autism and their families, including social isolation and a lack of understanding from the wider public.

For example, we provide quiet hours every Saturday morning from 9am-10am. During this time Buchanan Galleries will switch off the music in the malls and many of our stores do the same.

We also have staff members who are trained in Autism Aware, and there is always someone available to assist if required.

Sensory Toys

Many people on the autism spectrum have difficulty processing everyday sensory information, and we recognise that visiting a shopping centre can present a difficult environment to some. We have therefore introduced sensory toys for those needing some time out and they can be found at Information Desk on the first floor.

Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyards

Not all people with hidden disabilities require assistance. But if you do, wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard discreetly indicates that you need additional support or just a little more time.

Should you require a lanyard please visit our Information Desk on the first floor

The lanyard is currently FREE of charge and you may retain it for use either at repeat visits to Buchanan Galleries or for use at other venues that recognise the scheme, such as major UK airports, Sainsburys, railway stations and sports venues.